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Surveyors ID Reports

A Surveyors ID report is carried out on a property to determine whether building encroachments have been made on a boundary or neighbouring property.

Cadastral (Boundary) Survey

Perhaps the most important service provided by the professional land surveyor is the boundary survey. A properly executed boundary survey is the basis for every successful development and/or land transaction.

Aerial Survey

Lofters & Associates provides aerial surveys and photogrammetric mapping services to engineering companies, mining industry, municipalities, and many other businesses who need to survey or map land from the air.

Topographical Survey

A topographic survey is performed to show the boundaries, all improvements, topography, structures, utilities, inverts and any other man made or natural features on site.

Engineering Survey

At Lofters & Associates our engineering surveys gather data for use by planners and engineers. The products resulting from engineering surveys are generally topographic maps and/or a digital terrain model.

Digital Mapping

Lofters & Associates has the expertise in providing Digital Mapping services and solutions using various software and techniques such as contour mapping, parcel mapping, cadastral mapping, and utilities mapping.

Subdivision Design & Layout

Lofters & Associates can prepare subdivision layout/design and guide you through the subdivision process. We have a creative staff to help you develop the best design for your development.

GPS Surveys

GPS as it relates to surveying, is typically used to tie your property or proposed development onto various coordinate systems. This usually includes Town GIS systems and vertical datums for Flood Plain Certificates.

Digital Photo Mosaics

Detailed images, captured from the air, are ortho-rectified and geo-referenced and stitched into large photo-mosaic maps. Our photo mosaics can map large areas and give the user the ability to zoom in to high-resolution detail

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