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Welcome to Lofters & Associates in Jamaica

Lofters & Associates Ltd. has a highly competent team of Land Surveyors. We conduct surveyor’s identification reports, digital mapping, cadastral, aerial, topographical and engineering surveys.

Lofters & Associates Ltd. goes beyond the measurement process to ensure that you can fully use and understand the data we provide.

Whether you are looking for a surveyor for a simple home remodeling project, topographic maps, land title surveys, or you are breaking ground for a shopping mall, count on a professional survey company to do it right.


Aerial Survey
Construction Land Survey

Lofters & Associates Ltd.
Head Office Address: 19 Windsor Avenue, Kingston 6, Jamaica | Tel: (876) 927-5119 | Email:

Address: Shop 11, Point Plaza, Ocho Rios, Jamaica | Tel: (876) 927-5119 | Email:

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